Ageless Grace®

Using all five areas of the brain and combined with simple, organic movement you can improve brain health through a combination of fun, playful exercises that will improve the mood of the caregiver and the people in their care.

You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing

So said George Bernard Shaw. Ageless Grace® immerses you in music, memory, movement and good mental health to keep people playing

Ageless Grace® Simply Works Our Brain and Lets Our Body Join In, If It Can

How can we activate our brains? We can learn a new skill and then practice it. We can get out of our comfort zone! Or do something that we’ve never done before and practice or take something that we used to know or do and get back onto it. It’s not what we do that’s important in Ageless Grace® but that it will probably bring back memories, make us smile and build images in our brain.

Not only is Ageless Grace® fun for people who are isolated through lack of communication or ability, but the people who care for them improve their mental health too!

Read more about Ageless Grace here.

Ageless Grace® Educator Training

Once members of your staff have attended the two-day training they are then designated as Ageless Grace® educators and authorised to use the program with fellow staff members, people in their care or in their community.

We provide ongoing support for Educators.

See the full list of Ageless Grace® training objectives here.

The Benefits of Ageless Grace®

  • Is Feasible: It’s easy to implement and learn; you can use existing resources.
  • Is Effective: It eases physical and emotional distress, promotes sleep and builds trust in caregivers
  • Facilitates Staff Satisfaction: Reduces caregiver fatigue and builds strong relationships
  • Encourages Family Engagement – It provides a means for families to calm, comfort and support their loved one
  • Strengthens Marketability as you implement this simple wellness programs that promotes reduced use of drugs.

Discover how you can create good memories for you and your family

that will sustain you through the sadness around the end of life.