Compassionate Touch®

Compassionate Touch® combines skilled touch with compassionate presence to enhance quality of life for those and reduce need for medication.

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It’s Easy to Forget the Smallest Things

As a caregiver, we can get so busy doing the routine tasks, that it’s easy to forget the more compassionate side of the role.

Touch for instance – a vital element of human connection – and so easily overlooked.

Sometimes caregivers are even reluctant to touch the person in their care when they know it would benefit them, fearing they are too old and frail.

Lack of Touch is Detrimental to Health

The effects of not touching are devastating to the person being cared for emotionally and cognitively.

It can leave them feeling isolated – even when they are surrounded by people. Physical, behavioural and emotional distress can build up when they are unable to express it mentally or physically.

A New Tool in Caring for People with Dementia

Being compassionate is something we can all learn. Combining it with simple, effective touch techniques any caregiver can let the care recipient know they are valued. They can do this simply as they walk along a corridor or hold a hand; for those lying down it can help calm and relax. There’s no need for a specialist and the evidence shows reduced need for medication.

With a focus on empowering caregivers, it gives professional and family caregivers a way to connect with calm and comfort.

On-Site Compassionate Touch® Coach Training

Professional caregiving staff, home carers or those who are passionate about making changes in their community, are invited to attend a one-day, six-hour training class. Once completed, they are then designated as Compassionate® Coaches and your organisation is authorised to deliver Compassionate Touch® workshops with staff members, family or at community events for twelve months. Ongoing support is included to help your staff implement the program in your most suitable way. Annual renewal allows your organisation to continue to deliver this impactful training and continue to provide support..

During training, we show you how to track the outcomes to assess their benefit for your care outcomes in your unique situation.

See the full list of Compassionate Touch® training objectives here.

The Benefits of Compassionate Touch®

  • Is Feasible: It uses existing resources. There is no need for additional personnel or equipment. Compassionate Touch is easy to learn and its practical approach ensures sustainability.

  • Is Effective: It decreases anxiety, promotes sleep and eases pain. It builds trust in caregivers. Importantly, it eliminates the need for pharmacological interventions when used as an intervention.

  • Facilitates Staff Satisfaction: It reduces compassion burnout and helps build strong relationships. It aligns with person-centred care practices.

  • Encourages Family Engagement: It provides a means for family members to calm, comfort and support their loved one. It enhances the family experience as a member of the care-team.

  • Strengthens Marketability: It offers a unique program to take out to the community. It demonstrates that your organisation has a commitment to culture change. 

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