This powerful in-service training will inform staff with practical tools to improve communications, help them respond effectively to care recipient’s reactions, relieve care partner stress, and engage residents in meaningful activities.

Elements of the Ignite program can be customised to encompass your schedule, either on a scheduled day or in increments that work best for your communities or with busy staff schedules.

Spark 1:

Engage in a cutting edge hands on experience of living with dementia, transforming care partners’ understanding and empathy for their residents. From this experience, staff will be empowered with effective tools to improve communications and care processes.

Spark 2:

<strongUnderstand the power of skilled touch as it relates to older or more frail people; practice skilled touch techniques that can be put to immediate practice in responding to care recipient reactions, inducing relaxation and helping care partners relieve stress.

Spark 3:

Discover how everyday items from the past ignite the senses, evoke memories and change relationships. This personalised approach reaches into the past to restore identity, dignity, purpose and joy of living!

Spark 4:

Share movement that engages brain and body, imagination and creativity, and engages the group socially and emotionally in fun, playful exercise that is done seated to music.

Discover how you can create good memories for you and your family

that will sustain you through the sadness around the end of life.