BrainSparks and AGE-u-cate Training Institute are expressing their gratitude to aged and home care providers through The Touching Moments Scholarship Award Program.
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How BrainSparks Can Help

Brain Sparks shares tools to bring understanding and insight into living the best life you can when coping with health and wellbeing challenges. We help professional caregivers, families and communities understand the difficulties that people face as they age or deal with neurological disorders.

Our evidence-based programs encourage empathy and improve communication channels.

Let us help you learn skills that inspire new levels of care, to bring about wellness and joy for people in their later years.

How Do We Help You?

  • Online programs
  • Face-to-face training
  • Workshops

Discover how you can create good memories for you and your family

that will sustain you through the sadness around the end of life.