Dementia Live®

Immerse yourself in the experience of living with dementia and gain powerful insights for effectively communicating with patients.

Caring for someone can sometimes be frustrating, overwhelming and even frightening but Dementia Live® gives you that “AHA” moment, Your increased awareness helps you understand the reactions that people in your care express and encourages you to find ways that improve your lives.

Dementia Is Different For Every Person

The challenges dealing with each person with dementia are unique.

As a caregiver, you may experience situations where communication is difficult. Often they cannot tell you how they are feeling – whether it’s pain, discomfort, or just a craving for stimulation. Or they tell you in a way that makes you react negatively.

If you don’t know how to interpret how the person with dementia experiences the world, then care may suffer.

Understanding is the First Step to Better Communication

What people with dementia see, hear, taste, feel, and touch, are all compromised because of dementia.

Understanding the unique way people experience dementia will influence the communication you use with each individual person.

The best way to get an understanding of this is to experience what it may be like to have dementia yourself.

Dementia Live Training
Courses to help you care for someone with Dementia.

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Immerse Yourself In The Sensory Experience of Dementia

Dementia Live® is an experience that immerses participants into what life might be like living with cognitive impairment and sensory change.

Utilising specialised gear that simulates dementia specific changes including altered eyesight, hearing and tactile sensation, this safe experience is a powerful and effective tool to strengthen caregivers understanding of empathy for the people in their care.

Gaining a first-hand understanding of anxiety, isolation, frustration, confusion, and more, Dementia Live® uniquely walks participants from the “AHA” moment to empowering them with tools to improve communication, care processes, and the environment.

Dementia Live® Coach Training

Professional caregiving staff, home carers or those who are passionate about making changes in their community, attend a one-day, six-hour training class. Once completed, they are then designated as Dementia Live® Coaches and your organisation is authorised to conduct the Dementia Live® Experience with staff members, families or at community events.

During training, we show you how to track the outcomes so that you can determine the results of the program on care outcomes.

Once trained your organisation is licensed to use the Dementia Live® program and materials for one year, to train your staff or deliver family and community sessions. We provide ongoing support for Coaches throughout the first year, during the license period. Annual renewal gives you continued access to use the program with staff, families and community

See the full list of Dementia Live® training objectives here.

The Benefits of Dementia Live®

  • Is Feasible: Easy to implement, this high-impact experiential learning is suitable for every member of your organisation or the community, regardless of their role.
  • Heightens empathy and understanding.It helps build new bridges of communication and improves dedication to the practice of person-centred care.
  • Elevates Family Engagement– A catalyst for meaningful communication, it improves time spent with loved ones and interactions with care team. Higher family satisfaction survey has shown improved scores.
  • Facilitates Staff Satisfaction– Improved relationships with residents or clients can result. Understanding can help reduce caregiver stress and can contribute to improved staff retention rates. It increases employee satisfaction scores.
  • Strengthens Marketabilitywith a unique and innovative program for community outreach you can set your organisation apart with dynamic programs for building relationships in your city and region.

If Coach training is not an option, consider sending your staff to one of our workshops, or ask us to create one specifically for you.

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