Coming to a BrainSparks workshop can have many benefits, including:

  • Learn something useful to take away with you that you will be able to put into practice straight away
  • Connect with others and share stories and concerns in a safe environment
  • An opportunity to make new friends
  • Leave with renewed energy to do what you do
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Compassionate Touch

Attend one of our scheduled two-hour workshops that establish how and why to reduce anxiety, distress and frustration to the people in our care, at the same time reducing the need for medication through Compassionate Touch.

Suitable for anyone in a caregiving role, you can learn these easy-to-learn techniques which not only calm and soothe in the care setting, they also calm and soothe the caregiver, providing deep connection, serenity and a feeling of wellbeing.

Shorter workshops can be presented at conferences and seminars.

Read about how you can learn to teach colleagues Compassionate Touch in your organisation or facility here

Read the white paper on Compassionate Touch or the Peer-reviewed Research.

Compassionate Touch workshop objectives


Dementia Live®

Join small groups as they go through the Dementia Live® experience, developing your understanding of what it might be like to live with the sensory impairments that dementia and other neurological disorders bring.

Dementia is different for everyone and through Dementia Live® you can begin to empathise. Experiencing your feelings and reactions in such an environment helps you realise how easy it is to change how you communicate with those in your care and even with those you meet in your daily life. A truly ‘Wow!’ experience that you will never forget.

Why not have Dementia Live® workshop at your next conference or seminar.  With the impact of dementia in our communities being so high, give your staff the benefit of this empathetic experience. (no link to this but there should be?)

Read about how you can learn to use Dementia Live® in your organisation or facility here

Read the most recent Peer-reviewed research on Dementia Live®

Dementia Live® experience workshop objectives

Build your own workshops

We can take small groups of your staff through the Dementia Live® experience or Compassionate Touch® in your organisation, following up with the empowerment session that supports your training goals. We can provide you with tools that assess care practices and job satisfaction.

Or you can combine our online programs or trainings to request custom-built one, two or three-hour workshops that fit your strategic objectives.

For aged care facilities, consider training a few of your staff as Coaches. That way, they can train people in short sessions that supports your work schedule.

Our training provides tracking tools that you can use to identify potential shortfalls in skills. Not only can you maintain an adaptable training effort, it is also the most cost-effective way to train your staff.

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