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AGED care teams across Australia are being celebrated for the challenges they have endured through Covid-19 by being invited to take part in a new Touching Moments Scholarship Award, covering 100% of training for the Compassionate Touch ® program. 

The program, supported by Brisbane-based BrainSparks and the AGE-u-cate Training Institute, aims to express gratitude to those working in aged care during Covid-19.

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Touching Moments Scholarship Award Program

Compassionate Touch® is an evidence informed approach combining effective skilled touch techniques with specialised communication that has been proven to ease stress, anxiety, behaviours and reduce the use of anti-psychotic medications, improving the quality of life and care for our older population, especially those living with dementia or at end-of-life.

The AGE-u-cate Training Institute has trained thousands of coaches within hundreds of organisations in US and Canada to bring this easy-to-use technique to person-centred care and create culture change by tapping into the power of human touch and human connection. Through this opportunity, BrainSparks brings it to Australia.

Providers from aged care, home care or palliative care can apply for three of 24 scholarships, totalling $6500, which covers full training in AGE-u-cate’s cutting-edge Compassionate Touch® program.

The challenges COVID has brought has given us the opportunity to touch others with encouragement, support and celebration of the hard work that has taken place in caring for elderly relatives, friends and neighbours. Now, through your stories we can share and inspire others. While recognising that difficulties have been encountered in aged care, we also know that many inspiring stories of hope, love and care take place every day. These are the stories that need to be broadcast.

The scholarship will cover the full cost of online training for the cutting-edge Compassionate Touch® program for three staff from 8 organisations, one from each state and territory, resulting in their designation as a Certified Compassionate Touch Community, able to share the training with their staff, families and community as they see a need.

Family members are able to nominate an organisation they feel have gone above and beyond in aged care during COVID-19, with their stories of love and support they have received for their loved ones.

The Touching Moments Scholarship Award now gives Australian care providers the opportunity to take on this evidence-informed practice, while they live through the challenges of the pandemic.

We all recognise the need for human connection and touch and Compassionate Touch has proven benefits for our older adults, their care partners and families. When Compassionate Touch is implemented and used, its benefits are felt by many.

Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2020 with award recipients from each state being short-listed from November 15, 2020.     

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Program Details

  • Recipients will receive 3 comprehensive online six-hour Coach Trainings with downloadable Coach manuals
  • After completion of training assessment, each organisation will be designated as a certified Compassionate Touch Community
  • Coaches are provided access to exclusive BrainSparks and AGE-u-cate Coach Portals that include videos, educational material, tools and resources to successfully conduct staff training and family education.
  • Coaches will receive ongoing support including Coach Connections newsletter, webinars.
  • A Certified Compassionate Touch Community designation includes a lobby certificate, and social media and website badges.
  • Value of each Certified Compassionate Touch Community Program is $850.

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How to Apply

We value the hard work you and your team are investing in the lives of our seniors during this challenging time. We want to show our appreciation for the tireless efforts you make. Applying for the Touching Moments Scholarship Award program should not take long and can be done by anyone with a story to tell.

Your story about how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting those in your care can be either in written or video format. You may choose to tell us the challenges you are facing as you work to keep your residents or clients healthy and safe while meeting their psycho-social needs, Perhaps you have noticed adverse effects of social isolation and can tell us what you are doing to meet those needs, The Compassionate Touch program guides care partners to effectively tap into the power of human touch and human connection. Maybe you can tell us about the opportunities for connection and compassion you’ve experienced during this time.

Please complete the registration and upload your Touching Moments story by no later than October 15 2020. We will begin announcing award recipients on October 31st with the compilation of stories being published shortly after.

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