Thank you, I really enjoyed the day and am so interested in the program. For years I have been waiting for seated Yoga to be introduced and this is even better than that.
Diane Marshall, Brisbane, Caregiver

The Ageless Grace workshop experience was great. The format was structured in a way that made it easy to participate. It made it easy to see how the program can be as rigid or flexible as it needs to be on any given day and that it’s OK that each individual in the audience may or may not wish to join in. Before the training I was feeling very stressed but now I’m feeling much more relaxed and positive. I can definitely recommend the training to anyone. I really appreciated the understanding and acceptance of each person and their efforts. There was no pressure to “perform” and that made it easy to relax and enjoy the experience. Now I’m looking forward to what’s to come.
Agnes Herd, Brisbane. Caregiver

The overall Ageless Grace experience was wonderful! It was welcoming, informative and fun and the most valuable piece of information that will help me use Ageless Grace is the on-going support from educators & reference materials provided. They were really valuable and will continue to be so. I will be endeavouring to use Ageless Grace with carers in Carer Support Groups and I would highly recommend the training to people who are wondering whether to take it up. I just wanted to thank you Sue, and Adele, for your support, patience and passion in assisting carers Qld staff and carers to experience and learn about Ageless Grace. There are so many opportunities for staff and carers in terms of personal and community connection with Ageless Grace and you have made this possible. Thank you. I really look forward to working with you both into the future and continuing to share Ageless Grace with, not only staff and carers, but the broader community.
Tracey Shaw, Team Leader, Carers Qld.

As a care worker in Barcoo, I have the privilege of seeing Ageless Grace in action every Monday morning. The benefits of having them working with our residents on a regular basis is enormous. The way they engage the residents with music and movement is very special and unique. It is a joy to see the residents singing along to the songs and doing the actions, they get so many benefits from the time Ageless Grace spend with them. Some residents clap along, some dance and sing, and one even whistles. The smiles by all are evidence to the enjoyment taking place. The choice of music is particularly good with fun lyrics and songs many of the residents know and love. Vicki and Stewart have a good connection with the residents and they all respond positively to them.

I have also witnessed the program to be particularly useful intervention in behaviour management for the residents living with Dementia. It can help divert agitated residents and engage them in something positive and uplifting.
Juliet Wood, AIN Regis Sippy Downs