6 Most Common Responsibilities of Caregivers

The roles and responsibilities of a caregiver vary depending on a number of factors, such as the relationship that they have with the person in their care, the level of support that is needed, and whether or not the person has other carers. Family caregivers will typically provide in-home care and help with non-medical issues. […]

7 Ways to Make a Home Safer for Someone with Dementia

If you are living with or caring for a person with Dementia, it’s important to know how the layout of their home can impact them. A person with Dementia will typically have a number of symptoms, such as memory loss, confusion and difficulty learning new things. This can lead to them forgetting where they are (even […]

Tips for Caregivers: What is Hoarding and How to Manage It

Hoarding is a behaviour that can be seen in people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, where individuals collect and stockpile certain things. Sorting through things that are familiar to them can be reassuring for someone with dementia. For example, the person may want to keep piles of papers that are completely useless or stock up on food […]