Noise Levels & Dementia: Creating a Safe Environment

For a person living with dementia, hearing is often the sense that has the most significant impact in terms of their quality of living. This reason for this is that dementia can impact how a person perceives external stimuli, such as noise and light. In addition, hearing is linked to balance, which means a person […]

Ageing in Place: Important Things to Consider

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety found that Australians of all ages would prefer to live independently at home for longer during their retirement years, rather than enter an aged care facility. The research also shows that there is a lack of community awareness around the aged care sector. As such, Australians […]

30 Dementia Facts for Dementia Awareness Month 2020

September is traditionally Dementia Awareness month. We know that many people don’t fully understand what dementia is and how it affects those living with it. As such, we put together a Dementia Fact a day for Dementia Awareness Month. Read them all below.  Dementia Fact 1: Dementia is not a normal part of the ageing […]

Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease: Is it Genetic?

Alzheimer’s disease attacks the brain, primarily damaging cells that impact memory and thinking. For decades, medical scientists have been studying Alzheimer’s disease. While there is still no cure, much research has been conducted into the causes of the disease. Now, we are more aware of how genetics impact a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, […]

How Exercise is Beneficial for People Living with Dementia

We all know that regular physical exercise is good for us. It helps control our weight, reduces the risk of certain diseases, improves our overall mental health and mood and strengthens our bones and muscles. Physical exercise also helps our brains by maintaining good blood flow to the brain, which can encourage new brain cell […]

How Caregiving Positively Impacts the Caregiver

We often talk about how difficult caregiving is, and we are all too aware of all the personal sacrifices that caregivers make to care for their loved one. While caregiving is undeniably a challenging role, it can be extremely beneficial for the caregiver. On the whole, caregivers are balanced, considerate and thoughtful people. In some […]