Using Compassionate Touch to Show Love

When things are bleak you can find love and support close to home.

Over the past several years I have experienced situations which challenged my ability to remain positive and optimistic and able to look past what I considered to be a bleak outlook. But I found I didn’t have to struggle alone.

These are the times when you feel sad and alone and the world is a dark place, when we need the loving support of family and friends. Almost all of us can point to at least one member of our family, or one good friend who will gladly offer that support; who will listen to our worries or fears; who will offer a cup of tea (or glass of wine), a comfy chair and their time while we express those worries and fears. It brings comfort and consolation to realise you are not alone and there is someone to share your feelings with.

For people living with diminishing cognitive abilities, the confusion, feelings of isolation, sadness and loneliness together with their decreasing ability to communicate and friends can find it hard to fully comprehend what the loved one is going through, but by just sitting with them, perhaps holding their hand or stroking their arm (Compassionate Touch is a wonderful tool in these circumstances) can demonstrate your loving concern.

You don’t need words in this situation. Your compassionate presence, the loving look on your face, your gentle murmurs soothe and calm and demonstrate your love for and support of them.


Denise’s life challenges have shown how you can survive and flourish, even when you think all is lost. She is a passionate supporter of BrainSparks. You’ll often meet her as she assists each of us during training sessions.

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