7 Ways to Minimise Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There’s no denying that the pandemic that has been sweeping the globe is affecting us all. While most of our states and territories have contained the virus, there are still concerns of a second wave hitting Australia, particularly with the recent outbreak in Victoria. Older adults in particular may be concerned about the second wave […]

Split Priorities: 7 Ways to Manage Marriage & Caregiving

Caring for an elderly loved one is very rewarding, but there’s no denying that it can also be extremely stressful. So stressful, in fact, that full-time caregivers are at increased risk of depression and health problems. As such, it makes sense that caregiving can also seriously impact the relationship that a caregiver has with their […]

Colour & Contrast for People Living with Dementia

As we age, we typically experience changes to our eyes that affect vision and colour perception. This sight loss can occur as a result of several reasons, such as:  eye conditions, such as cataracts or macular degeneration other health conditions, such as stroke regular ageing of the eye The above are all different ways that a […]

Loneliness & The Elderly: How You Can Help

Everyone feels lonely sometimes, particularly at the moment, as our movements have been restricted for the last few months. We are all missing social interactions with family, friends and colleagues. However, the elderly in our community may be finding it even more difficult as they are more typically more vulnerable to feeling isolated and lonely. […]

Do I Need Formal Training to be a Family Caregiver?

There are more than 2.65 million carers in Australia, which means about 1 in 11 people in Australia are carers. While many of these family caregivers have not had formal training for the role, they often have to carry out a number of tasks that they have never done before. These tasks can be physically taxing, medically […]

Dispelling Dementia Myths: People with Dementia Become Like Children

Do people with Dementia become like children? This myth has stemmed from the fact that many of the behaviours associated with Dementia are similar to those exhibited by young children. A person with Dementia may experience a range of symptoms, including mood swings, irrational behaviour, forgetfulness, and problems with vocabulary. These behaviours are also common in children, […]

End of Life Caregiving: Providing Palliative Care At Home

From Sunday 24th of May to Saturday 30 May, it’s National Palliative Care Week in Australia. This is an annual occasion organised by Palliative Care Australia and supported by the Department of Health, to raise awareness and understanding about palliative care in the Australian community. Palliative care is something that can be offered at any […]

Is it Safe to Visit Older Relatives Now that COVID Restrictions Have Eased?

Last week, there were numerous announcements from the Prime Minister and State Premiers detailing how coronavirus restrictions will be eased across Australia. The National Cabinet has outlined a three-step plan to relax restrictions across the next few months, and by July, it is hoped that across the whole country, people will be able to return to work and […]