What Does It Feel Like To Have Dementia?

This article was originally written and published by HelloCare. Caring for someone living with dementia isn’t always easy – it can be frustrating, overwhelming and even, at times, frightening. Though every case of dementia is different, the changes that take place in a person’s brain when they have dementia can have a range of effects, […]

How to Cope with the Pressures of Caregiving

While caring for a loved one is very rewarding, the demands of caregiving can be overwhelming. Carers often experience feelings of being in over their head or having little control over the situation. This can cause a significant amount of stress for the caregiver, taking a toll on their health, relationships, and state of mind. […]

The Affect of Music on People Living With Dementia

A report from the Commission on Dementia and Music, ‘Without a Song or Dance, What are We,’ found that music has significant physical and mental health benefits for patients with dementia. Music helps dementia patients retain their speech and language skills longer. It has also been proven to significantly minimise some of the symptoms of […]