Loneliness & The Elderly: How You Can Help

Everyone feels lonely sometimes, particularly at the moment, as our movements have been restricted for the last few months. We are all missing social interactions with family, friends and colleagues. However, the elderly in our community may be finding it even more difficult as they are more typically more vulnerable to feeling isolated and lonely. […]

Do I Need Formal Training to be a Family Caregiver?

There are more than 2.65 million carers in Australia, which means about 1 in 11 people in Australia are carers. While many of these family caregivers have not had formal training for the role, they often have to carry out a number of tasks that they have never done before. These tasks can be physically taxing, medically […]

Dispelling Dementia Myths: People with Dementia Become Like Children

Do people with Dementia become like children? This myth has stemmed from the fact that many of the behaviours associated with Dementia are similar to those exhibited by young children. A person with Dementia may experience a range of symptoms, including mood swings, irrational behaviour, forgetfulness, and problems with vocabulary. These behaviours are also common in children, […]

End of Life Caregiving: Providing Palliative Care At Home

From Sunday 24th of May to Saturday 30 May, it’s National Palliative Care Week in Australia. This is an annual occasion organised by Palliative Care Australia and supported by the Department of Health, to raise awareness and understanding about palliative care in the Australian community. Palliative care is something that can be offered at any […]

Is it Safe to Visit Older Relatives Now that COVID Restrictions Have Eased?

Last week, there were numerous announcements from the Prime Minister and State Premiers detailing how coronavirus restrictions will be eased across Australia. The National Cabinet has outlined a three-step plan to relax restrictions across the next few months, and by July, it is hoped that across the whole country, people will be able to return to work and […]

Mindful In May: How Meditation Can Benefit Older Adults

Mindful in May is the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign. Running for the entire month of May, the idea behind the concept is simple: to provide education, tools and support for meditation practice. Research has shown that it only takes 10 minutes of meditation a day to see substantial positive benefits. For older adults, […]

How to Care for Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, bringing with it unprecedented changes to the daily lives of everyone in the country. It is well documented that the risks of health complications associated with COVID-19 are much higher for those over the age of 70, and those with an underlying medical condition. This […]

How to Balance Work and Caregiving

We recently wrote an article with information about how employers can help their employees that are also caregivers. But, how do caregivers best manage both roles? No matter how understanding and accommodating an employer is, it can be difficult for caregivers to find a balance between these two important roles. Working caregivers can often feel […]